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April 2010: Your local Farmers' Markets are preparing to open. Watch for asparagus and greens in early May along with meat, eggs and cheese. I hope you take the time to find some of our local producers, get to know them and purchase their products. And tell them you found them here at

How do you obtain fresh, local food? The easiest way to obtain fresh, local food is to find a collective market.

In North Worcester County, we have many fine farmers' markets that run seasonally and many producers listed here participate in at least one, but we are also lucky enough to have one of the most innovative markets available to consumers, and that is Massachusetts Local Food. This online farmers' market allows you to order your local foods from many area producers and pick them up in one centralized location. This makes your trip easier than a trip to the grocery store! For more information, visit the website!

In addition to these "easier" methods, I encourage you to go out to the farms of north central Massachusetts and meet the producers. See what is going on and SEE where your food is coming from.

All farm products listed on this website have been grown or produced in this region. Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands sometimes import produce and other products from outside the region. You should check with individual vendors and farm stands to know for sure...

Beef Specialty Meat Herbs




Fruit Coffee Yarn
Poultry Cheese Berries Beer & Ale Farmers' Markets
Lamb/Goat Vegetables Honey and Syrup Plants Farm Stands

If you are (or know of) a food producer in towns surrounding Westminster, Ashburnham and Princeton that is not listed here, please let us know. Listings on this website are free for all in the Wachusett Region.

Here are a few highly rated Maple Syrup Recipes. Starting with our finest Wachusett ingredients, many of these recipes can be prepared with local ingredients, especially eggs as they seem to be coming into full production after this long winter.

French Toast

Maple Oatmeal Bread

Maple Salmon

Apple Raisin Strata







Massachusetts is lucky enough to have USDA meat processing facilities that allow our local consumers to have farm raised beef. Meats must be stamped with a USDA label.

Rib-Eye Steak with Maple Syrup, Soy, Ginger Marinade


Maple Heights Farm

Maple Heights Farm offers chemical-free grass-fed beef raised on naturally maintained pastures. During the winter the animals receive some locally-grown sileage to supplement their diet and keep them healthy throw the winter. MHF animals are antibiotic-free and medication free, and our beef animals do not receive grain.

Winter Hill Farm

Description: coming soon...

  • Syd Smith Road, Westminster
  • Joe and Denae Hollenbeck

Breezy Hill Farm

Description: coming soon...

  • 35 Lashua Road, Ashburnham
  • Gretchen Lafferty
  • Contact info????




Pigs are rooters, spending much of their time digging roots and grubs, and fencing and buildings. They eat nuts and seeds, leaves and grasses, fruits and vegetables. Most domestic pigs have a diet supplemented by grains.

Roast Pork with Maple and Mustard Glaze

Maple Heights Farm

Maple Heights Farm offers chemical-free, pastured pork raised in moveable "tractors" on our own naturally maintained pastures. They are supplemented with high quality grain. MHF animals are antibiotic-free and medication free.

Winter Hill Farm

  • Syd Smith Road, Westminster
  • Joe and Denae Hollenbeck




Coming Soon

Winter Hill Farm

Contact for more information

  • Syd Smith Road, Westminster
  • Joe and Denae Hollenbeck






Lamb Chops with Maple Syrup

Breezy Hill Farm

Greenwood Hill Farm

Oak Hollow Livestock



Specialty Meat

Bison: Alta Vista Farm

  • 80 Hillside Rd, Rutland
  • Contact: 508-886-4365
  • Store Hours Fri, Sat, Sun 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Rabbit: Buck Ridge Rabbitry

  • 116 Ridge Road, Rutland
  • Contact: 508-886-4483
  • Call for more information




Eggs are in limited supply this time of year. You may need to contact several producers in order to find some, but it is well worth the trouble. Many people never eat mass-produced eggs again after they try farm-fresh! Expect prices to range from $3.00 per dozen to around

  • Syd Smith Road, Westminster
  • Joe and Denae Hollenbeck
  • Contact info????

Hames and Axle Farm

  • 18 Kraetzer Road, Ashburnham
  • Contact Pat Stewart at 978-827-1305 or

Melissa's Eggs

Currently, Melissa has a surplus

  • 82 New Templeton Road, Hubbardston
  • Contact at





We are lucky enough to have two high quality, award-winning cheese producers within our region. Between these producers, most of your cheese needs can be met.

Maple-beet Salad with Goat Cheese (maple syrup)

Smith's Country Cheese

Award winning, hand-crafted cheddar, gouda and havarti cheese


Westfield Farm

Producer of national award winning fresh and aged goat cheese

  • 28 Worcester Rd, Hubbardston
  • Products Available at:





Though not in season at this time, Elim Lodge offers bean sprouts throughout the winter and spring. A four day lead time is required to order.

Elim Lodge Farm

Tomatoes, Asian Greens, Salad Greens, Potatoes, Onions, Shallots, Chard

  • Patricia Glover, M.D.
  • Contact at 978-874-7964 or
  • Products also available at Westminster Farmers' Market and Mass Local Food





Not in season

Ashby Apples




Not in season




Mountain View Apiary

Stanley Skamarycz - 978-874-0222

Products available at Vincent's Market, Westminster Pharmacy, Country Treasures


Maple Syrup:

If you have a few sugar maple trees, you can make your own syrup. It's as simple as collecting sap and boiling it down. If you are boiling down a small amount (10 gallons for a yeild of about 1 quart) you can usually do this in your own kitchen. You can read more about it here.

We have many local producers in this small region of Massachusetts. You can even have a tour of a sugar house in operation. Eddie and Jodie Snyder offer tours by appointment and their sugar house is located right on Mt. Wachusett.

Rock Island Farm

All sizes are available in light and medium amber and now dark. Contact Eddie at 978-833-7331 to pick up syrup or to find out if the sugar shack is operating. Tours are available, call ahead for times.

  • 253 West Princeton Rd, Westminster


South Village Sugarhouse

In addition to Maple Syrup, South Village produces maple cream, maple candy and maple lollipops. Visits are allowed, but call ahead for times.


Dave's Sugar House

Visits welcome, but contact first for boiling schedule




M.L.'s Greenery in Motion

Unusual Annuals, Select Perennials, and Production Vegetables

  • M.L. Altobelli
  • Products available at Westminster Farmers' Market
  • Contact M.L. at 978-874-1373 or for more information.

Turessa Botanicals:

available at Mass Local Food





Glimpses of New England Past

  • Ann Patsis
  • Available at Mass Local Food and the Westminster Farmers' Market
  • Multigrain breads, Specialty breads, Gluten-Free breads and goodies
  • For more informatio or to pre-order call 978-660-8822




Locally Roasted Coffee:

Wachusett Coffee Company

Wachusett Coffee Company has been “brewing” since the early 1990’s! Well, the idea anyway… Although our business operations have only recently begun, we’ve been dreaming of starting a specialty coffee business for over a decade. And we’re so thrilled that it’s finally here! The founders Brogan and Marcelle Kusske have a passion for great tasting coffee. Brogan, a Seattle native and Marcelle, a Massachusetts native met in Seattle where they quickly shared a common interest in specialty coffee and the coffee culture Seattle is uniquely known for. Since relocating back to the Central Massachusetts area they’ve dreamed of bringing the joy and distinctive flavors of specialty coffee to the area while celebrating the unique regional culture and tradition that New England is most known for. Sort of like mixing the coffee culture of Seattle with that of New England.


Beer and Ale:

Wachusett Brewery

For a special springtime treat: add a teaspoon of local maple syrup to Wachusett Brewery's Black Shack Porter for a proven delicasy!

Watch for Homegrown Hop Ale in the fall. This popular and delicious Ale is made with hops grown by local residents Alan Witorsky, John Moulton and Kevin Buckler.



M.L.'s Greenery in Motion

Unusual Annuals, Select Perennials, and Production Vegetables

  • M.L. Altobelli
  • Products available at Westminster Farmers' Market
  • Contact M.L. at 978-874-1373 or for more information.




Hames and Axle

Fine goat's milk soap, laundry soap and family hair products

  • 18 Kraetzer Road, Ashburnham
  • Contact Pat Stewart at 978-827-1305 or
  • Products also available at Westminster and Ashburnham Farmers' Markets and at Mass Local Food 




Greenwood Hill Farm


Bonnie Brooke Farm

  • Specializing in Fine Mohair Products: Fleeces, yarn, handknit items, woven blankets
  • Jane Fife: Angora Goat Breeder
  • Brooks Station Road, Princeton
  • www.sockamaniac/fleece_room.htm



Farmers' Markets:


Westminster Farmers' Market

Ashburnham Farmers' Market













Farm Stands:

Winter Hill Farm -- closed for the season

Breezy Hill -- closed for the season

Whitmanville -- closed for the season